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திங், 12/17/2012 - 10:52 -- Puthiyavan



1. Ministers, Chief Secretary, Director General of Police, Principal Secretary, Home Secretaries to Government, Heads of Departments, Senior Police Officers, Commissioners of Police, District Collectors, and Superintendents of Police,   I  am  happy  to  interact  with  all  of  you  at  this  Second  Conference  of District Collectors and Superintendents of Police today.  I would like to recall my observations made in the First Conference last year where I specifically emphasized that this Government would come out with concrete strategies for creating an environment to realize the aspirations of the people.  During this Conference, we will find out whether  we have moved in that direction and if necessary fine-tune our strategies for speedier implementation of various schemes thereby ensuring timely benefits to the targeted groups. 
 2.  I would like to reiterate that this Government is fully committed to giving a clean, transparent, efficient and responsive administration.  The people of this State have reposed their faith in this Government by giving us a decisive mandate.  This Government is therefore duty bound to ensure that the poor and the downtrodden are given all possible assistance to lead a decent and dignified life.  

 3.  It is well known that a just and fair society prospers the fastest. There is not only economic well being  in such a society but also genuine happiness.  I have outlined a vision for Tamil Nadu, which encompasses within itself material progress and distributive justice. I rely upon all of you present here today, to convert that vision into a reality. This can be achieved only through exemplary governance. 

 4.   Exemplary and not just good governance is the goal that we have set for ourselves. I have led the State’s administration from the front. Eradication of poverty by providing the essential needs of food, clothing and shelter, implementation  of social security schemes in a comprehensive manner, development of infrastructure for economic development, improving health care and promoting the well being of the people, and providing a life of dignity to the people with access to education, employment opportunities and growth in an atmosphere characterised by peace stability and order have been my watchwords. Maintenance  of public order, political stability and a plan for progress that focuses on the greatest good for the greatest number are the prerequisites for such governance. I am proud to say that with regard to these prerequisites we have achieved a lot of progress in the last 19 months. But there are always many more improvements to be made. Exemplary governance will require not mere progress but perfection in every sphere. 
 5.   Law and order has been well maintained in the State. And there are no major issues threatening to affect public stability and order. Left wing extremism is non-existent in Tamil Nadu and religious fundamentalism has not been allowed to rear its ugly head. Instances of communal tension were speedily brought under control and there is an atmosphere of satisfied calm with regard to the corrective measures undertaken. All this has been possible because of the effective co-ordination that exists between the Collectors and the Superintendents of Police in the various Districts. 

 6. The last 19 months have also seen the unravelling of many sensational and grave crimes that had been committed in the past. The land grabbing cases that have been detected are being followed up to ensure that the victims are given back their property.  I am happy to inform you that so far 1,627 cases have been registered and properties worth 835.94 crore rupees have been returned to the rightful owners. In a similar fashion, granite valued at 4,000 crore rupees, that was found to have been illegally mined is being confiscated.  Further, in cases where granite was mined and sold off illegally, action is being pursued for attachment of properties equivalent to about 9,783 crore rupees and for securing an early conviction for the culprits. These are just a few examples.  Indeed, there are many other cases of crime of a grave nature, which have been unearthed thanks to the diligence and devotion displayed by the Police Department. This has been possible because the Police administration has been freed from interference of any kind thus securing for Tamil Nadu the pride of place in the country in this respect. 
  7.    At  this  juncture,  it  is  necessary for me to emphasise the importance of taking recourse to the preventive sections of the law to bring down the incidence of crime. The District Collectors and the Superintendents of Police should apply the relevant sections of the Criminal Procedure Code in a more effective manner than has historically been seen. This will instill a greater sense of confidence and security in the minds of the law abiding citizens and instill fear among those intending to commit evil. 

 8.  Let me now draw your attention to a few external threats that merit special attention. Attacks on our fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy, still continue though they have been subdued greatly thanks to the persistent and powerful protests made to the Government of India by my Government. It is however, a matter of great satisfaction that unlike in the past, when the precious lives of many fishermen were lost, not a single fishermen has died on account of this problem in 2012.We should continue to maintain the same level of vigil and control with regard to our territorial waters so that the rights of our fishermen are not jeopardised. 
 9.  Tamil Nadu is the only State in the country, which provides rice free of cost to the people under the  Public Distribution System. There is therefore a temptation to smuggle out rice meant for the Public Distribution System. It must be remembered that the State spends nearly 3,300 crore rupees on providing free rice to its  citizens. Therefore there is a great responsibility cast upon the district administration to ensure that the illegal transportation of rice is not permitted across the State borders. 

 10.  The flow of spurious liquor into the State from neighbouring areas of other States needs to be curbed fully and effectively so that our policy of prohibition enforcement achieves the  desired goals of preventing hooch tragedies and arresting the evasion of excise duty on the sale of liquor. 

 11.   Promotion of road safety and prevention of loss of innocent lives on this account is another area which deserves your careful attention. With greater material prosperity and better quality of roads, there is bound to be a tendency for more people to travel and for those travelling to move faster. I had in 2003 introduced the concept of Highway Patrolling in the State by sanctioning 80 vehicles and the necessary complement of staff. Emergency Accident Relief Centres were also started in 2002.  It is necessary to rejuvenate these Centres and practise intensive highway patrolling and proper adoption of road safety methods for the occurrence of road accidents to be reduced. 

 12.   While the agenda has extensively dealt with vital issues across various sectors of administration, I would like to highlight at this stage a few of them leaving the rest for your detailed deliberations. As you are already aware, I have released the ‘Vision Tamil Nadu 2023’ Document in the month of March of this year. I am given to understand that this Document has been well received in the industry circle and has set off a whole lot of expectations on the part of the investors both national and international. In this Document, due importance has been accorded to the primary sectors like Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry. The Government has set for itself an ambitious but doable Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) growth rate target of 11% for which the primary sector has to grow at 5.1% annually.  It is only with this intention in mind that the Government has gone ahead with large investments  in agriculture, latest farming technologies and mechanization including creating a chain of godowns to store foodgrains for better realization  of  revenue  by  the  farmers.    It  is imperative that we implement this strategy without giving room for any lapse. Similarly, the Government’s Flagship Scheme of distribution of milch cows and goats or sheep to poor rural households headed by women calls for highest priority in implementation. These schemes are aimed at empowering rural women socially and economically.  I understand that through the distribution of milch cows and formation of new Milk Producers Co-operative Societies, milk production in the State has gone up appreciably. The Government has already set up a new Tamil Nadu Fisheries University and Fisheries Institute of Technology during this year. All these efforts will result in ensuring a second green revolution and a white revolution for which the Collectors  will have to play a pivotal role.   The key strategy in the primary sector is a mixed farming system comprising modern agricultural operations; healthy and  productive live-stock and sustainable fish farming; and all these put together will enhance the income level of rural households in a sustainable manner. 

 13. The rise in the prices of essential commodities  is a matter of serious concern.  To provide food security  to the people of Tamil Nadu, this Government has launched the free rice distribution scheme under the universal PDS.  Apart from this, other items like dal, edible oil etc., are also distributed under the PDS at subsidized cost. This Government has also taken a novel step of creating a Price Stabilization Fund of 50 crore rupees last year in order to undertake market interventions to stabilize the prices of essential commodities.  All these have cast a huge subsidy burden on the Government.  The Collectors should understand the spirit of the scheme and closely monitor its implementation so that the benefits reach the intended beneficiaries. Smuggling of essential commodities should be sternly dealt with.  The Collectors should ensure that bogus cards are weeded out systematically. I understand that the Biometric enumeration of people under the National Population Registry is in progress in all the Districts.  The AADHAR number will be ultimately incorporated into that database.  Once it is completed we should be able to use this data  for end to end computerization of the PDS.  This will help us to weed out bogus and ghost cards completely and facilitate the Government to issue smart family cards.  
 14.   As you may be aware, the 97th Constitutional Amendment, 2011 has enjoined that the elections to Co-operative Societies will have to be conducted. While necessary consequential Amendments to the Tamil Nadu Co-operative Societies Act, 1983 will be brought in by the Government, it is the duty of the Collectors to ensure that  law and order is maintained at the time of the elections to Co-operative Societies in their respective Districts.  The list of critical and sensitive areas is already available with the District Administration. 

 15.   ‘Health for All’ is the Government’s goal in the health sector. Towards this goal, the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme with assistance up to 4 lakh rupees and enhanced coverage of diseases has been launched recently.  While this scheme has been widely acclaimed by one and all, more efforts are called for to fine-tune this scheme in order to ensure that no person is denied treatment because he or she is poor.  Collectors must also keep a sharp eye on vital health indicators like Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and they should evolve innovative solutions to tackle these problems.  The Government has allocated sizeable funds for upgrading various facilities in Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres with special emphasis on creating modern and sophisticated diagnostic centres in major Government Hospitals.   The intention of this Government is to provide  health care of the highest standard round the clock to every one.  Having said this, I would like to draw your attention to the spread of communicable diseases, like dengue in recent months in the State. The Government has already issued clear cut guidelines on the handling of this emergent situation.  The prevention of such diseases is entirely in the hands of the District Administration and I hope you will rise to the occasion and take effective steps to control this vector disease by providing immediate medical care as well as conducting Public Awareness Campaigns involving all stake holders.   

 16.   Implementation of the Right to Education Act has mandated the Government to see to it that no child in the 6 to 14 age group is kept out of school.  Already, the Government has been implementing several innovative schemes which include cash incentives to prevent dropping out, scholarships and provision of all material needs of schooling like text books, note books, school bags, uniforms, geometry boxes, atlases, laptop computers, footwear etc., to school children free of cost. All these schemes, I am sure, will help us in realizing the goal of ‘Education for All’ and also provide quality education to our children.  In this  connection, I would like to draw your attention to providing sanitary facilities in schools, especially for girls, as it is a major impediment to inclusive education. Through periodic inspections, the Collectors should ensure that schools and hostel buildings are kept clean and tidy with proper drinking water facilities. 

 17.  The Collectors should guide the Rural and Urban Local Bodies in the identification of felt needs and privatization of projects ensuring speedy execution without compromising on the quality.  Many urban local bodies are facing problems in identifying land for solid waste disposal. The establishment of Underground Sewerage Systems and effective Solid Waste Management Systems are the key to building clean, garbage free cities and towns.    I  have  directed  that  Underground Sewerage Schemes should be provided in all the Urban Local Bodies of the State in a phased manner in order to provide better sanitation.   On my directions, Detailed Project Reports at an estimated cost of 21,777 crore rupees have been prepared covering Corporations, Municipalities and Town Panchayats. I have sanctioned a sum of 273.96 crore rupees for Solid Waste Management activities under the Mission Mode Programmes including strengthening of infrastructure, procurement of vehicles and equipment. The Collectors should regularly monitor the progress of urban infrastructure schemes and facilitate timely execution by ensuring availability of land, co-ordination with other line departments and co-operation of all stake holders.  I expect you to pay particular attention to garbage removal by taking up mass cleaning campaigns.  This must be a continuing exercise and a visible feature of our cities and towns. 
 18. In the ‘Vision Tamil Nadu 2023’ Document that I released in March, 2012, I envisaged our cities  as the nuclei and engines of economic growth.  Their infrastructure will be made robust and capable of giving the people universal access to 24x7 piped water supply, safe sanitation, including an open defecation free  and garbage free environment.  The Government is fully committed to providing all the necessary civic amenities needed to make our cities and towns safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.  It is for this reason that I announced two path breaking funding schemes for urban infrastructure development – The Chennai Mega City Development Mission for Chennai and  the Integrated Urban Development Mission for all other Corporations, Municipalities and Town Panchayats.  In 2011-12 and 2012-13, I have sanctioned 1000 crore rupees for Chennai City and 1500 crore rupees for other Corporations, Municipalities and Town Panchayats to upgrade the standards  of basic infrastructure like Roads, Street Lights, Drinking Water, Sewerage, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management. 
  19.      A  major  public  health  concern impacting the well being of the people is the practice of open defecation. I have announced that Tamil Nadu will be made “Open Defecation Free” by 2015.  I have already sanctioned 92.43 crore rupees for the construction  of public toilets, repairs of toilets with provision of water supply and electricity in the urban areas.  We must adopt a multi-pronged strategy to ensure the goal of an open defecation free Tamil Nadu.  The provision of sufficient numbers of toilets accessible to all, including the differently abled, well constructed and well maintained, must go hand in hand with an aggressive IEC campaign to discourage open defecation. All District Collectors should take up this programme in a Mission Mode and provide the necessary leadership in their Districts to organize all stake holders into a mass movement to root out this practice.  The hallmark of this campaign should be community involvement, technological innovation and upgradation of infrastructure. 
 20. Quick response to natural calamities and effective disaster management will mitigate the hardships faced by the people.   

 21. Recently, the Government has released the ‘Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012’, which has been widely appreciated.  Tamil Nadu is committed to leading the country by generating 3000 MW of solar power by 2015 through a policy conducive to promoting investments in solar energy production.  The Government intends to make the generation of solar energy a people’s movement like rain water harvesting.  The Vision is to make  Tamil Nadu a World Leader in solar energy production which will help the State to achieve energy security and to reduce carbon emission.  I request the Collectors to act as catalysts to make solar energy production a successful people’s movement.   22. A new scheme called ‘New  Entrepreneur-cum-Enterprise Development Scheme (NEEDS)’ has been formulated by this Government to assist educated youth to become first generation entrepreneurs from 2012 onwards by giving entrepreneurship training, preparing business plans, and helping them to tie up with financial institutions to set up new business ventures, besides linking them with major industrial clients.  A sum of 100 crore rupees has been provided in the Budget Estimate for this scheme, out of which a sum of 51.80 crore rupees has already been released as the first instalment.  The scheme gives priority to youth from SC & ST and Differently Abled categories.  Besides this, under this scheme 50% of the allocation will be earmarked for women beneficiaries.   The selection of beneficiaries under this scheme will be done at the District Level by a Task Force Committee headed by the Collector. The District Collectors are requested to give wide publicity to this scheme and ensure  its successful implementation through periodical reviews and effective monitoring. 
 23. The agenda for the meeting is comprehensive covering many key subjects including the maintenance of law and order and the entire gamut of developmental programmes.  I have highlighted a few salient points.  I hope the deliberations will lead to constructive suggestions.  I request the officers to be precise in their presentations. Before concluding my remarks, I call upon all of you to rise to the occasion and help the State to realize its goal set out in the ‘Vision Tamil Nadu 2023’. 

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